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Isles of Time

The world of art may appear liquidly free in comparison to the solid empire of science, and yet nothing is as dreamy as the poetry of reality combined with an artistic bent deep in its core!

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Clock with Vectors 1 - Wavy Reality 2 - Distorted Worlds 3 - The Big Question 4 - The Mystery Of Paradoxes 5 - The Power Of Bonds 6 - Building Blocks of Life 7 - Helices of Life 8 - The Machinery of Life 9 - The Cycle 10 - Cell Division 11 - Waves of Time 12 - The Mathemagicians Room 13 - Center of Life

Introducing the Clock Template and the Sciences

The thirteen drawings are aligned like a clock, where each full quarter is a pure science.

Time axes

In each picture you can draw time axes. Most of the time they start from the vanishing point, but sometimes they start somewhere else. These arrows are symbols for vectors.

The Symbol of the Island

Isles seem like single pieces that have no relation to each other. But if we look closer and look below the water, we see it stems from one and the same and that it's just "hills" in the structure of earth.